Bow WOW Trackless model is the perfect solution for boaters and their guest. The cabin can be deployed quick and on demand, it provides complete shade on their vessel’s bow. It’s unique and proprietary design make our product extremely versatile to fit perfectly on most open bow boat.

Bow WOW Trackless is specially designed for open bow boats including Bow Riders, as well boats with odd shaped bow, uneven top surface gunwale, and gunwale with obstacles.

Bow WOW Trackless models are function as a tent, will withstand light wind, yet not designed to be deployed while vessel is underway.

Trackless vs. Weather-tight bow dodger, other than installation method; there is no difference between models regarding quality, materials or craftsmanship. Viewing the cabins from the outside; you can’t tell the different.

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INNER Layout

OUTER Layout