A marine canopy could change your water related activities forever! Imagine being able to take your family out for a weekend jaunt without getting bug-bitten, sunburned, or slapped by waves or wind-driven spray. The Element® – PREFAB Instant Cabin can make every boating excursion more enjoyable, safe, and fun. Upgrade your open bow boat today!

Every year, thousands of families use their sports fishing boats less than they want to due to a variety of factors.

  • There’s not enough shade on board.
  • The bugs get to be too much
  • Small kids on board make overnight or weekend trips risky
  • If the weather kicks up, there’s no place to hide

Since the ‘70s, open bow boats have been enjoyed by whole families with the addition of the bow dodger, but these solutions have many drawbacks: they are extremely heavy, cannot be removed and reattached, only fit the boat for which they were created, and are extremely expensive. Another popular solution is the Bimini top, but this too comes with disadvantages – primarily instability in inclement weather and a failure to provide all around protection. Some people might use boat cover, but boat covers are unattractive, do not allow air circulation and severely shrink headroom.

The Element marine canopy solves all of these problems and more! Benefits include:

  1. Completely customizable construction. Each canopy size overlaps with the next, ensuring that you get a perfect fit no matter what make, model, or size of boat you own.
  2. Unlike a custom bow dodger, single canopy can be moved from boat to boat, so you can use it across all of your crafts or keep it to transfer to your new boat when you sell your old one.
  3. Great value. In comparison to bow dodgers which are extremely costly to customize, and Bimini tops or boat covers which often have to be replaced after just a season or two, The Element® – PREFAB Instant Cabin (marine canopy) is competitively priced and built to last.
  4. Perfect option for family boats. Last summer, the kids got hot, sunburned, dehydrated, and bug bitten. This year, they can hang out in the canopied part of the boat, shielded from the elements and insects.
  5. Turns any open bow sports fishing boat into a family weekend cruiser. Go from spending a few hours on the water to enjoying overnights on your boat or even taking the weekend to enjoy nature and the moonlit water.
  6. It’s an Instant Cabin! The Element comes off easily in under a minute, and is easily and quickly reinstalled without exiting your vessel.
  7. Extra safety. When you have kids on board, knowing they have to get out of the enclosed canopy adds an extra layer of security. You’d wake before they managed to get it open, so you can relax and know they are safe all night.
  8. 5-year warranty – and the canopy can last 10 years or more! We’ve sourced the best materials, fabric, and manufacturers to create a product that can be used summer after summer.

With The Element® – PREFAB Instant Cabin, your entire family can experience full enjoyment of your watercraft during your boating season. It’s the best way to create shade and protection on your open bow boat, and you’ll discover just how much fun being a boat owner can be when everyone is eager to take it out yet another time.

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