Did the installation yesterday, looks great, works even better. Made with every attention to detail, totally satisfied!
Big Mahalo!

Bryan, SeaSwirl 2301 Stripper CC

 I received my canopy yesterday and I’m stoked. Came out so perfect!! Better than I expected. I’m going to finish up my wiring and put the floorboards back in and take it somewhere for better pics. I’m going to launch the boat on a lake and take pics from another boat, maybe some video. Thank you for a great tech support. Question time is over buddy. It’s all about the pics in beautiful settings now, Colorado River next week, Sacramento River in Feb., Rogue River in June and British Colombia in July

Matt, Smoker Craft 1660 Pro Sportsman 2018

This canopy is perfect! It fits great with good coverage and still allows for breeze if you’d like. It’s a great addition to our boat, my husband, our kids and I definitely love it! We sent you photos!


Allison, Pro-Line 24ft CC 1993

We just received our Element Marine Canopy for our Cobia 296 and absolutely love it. It fits as if it was custom measured. The quality of the product is excellent and is only exceeded by the level of customer service provided by the Marine Canopy staff. Thank you!!!


Ted, Cobia 296 CC 2016

I have a medium size tent on the front of my boat from Marine canopy. Beautiful fit easy to install and remove. I had a few installation questions and one phone call resolved all my issues couldn’t ask for better support from such friendly business owners. My wife and I took our boat to Key West and spent the whole weekend on the boat and were able to view the starry Skies from the boat. We love the Privacy curtain that the medium size tent has to offer :-). Needless to say the price is phenomenal for the product you receive it well exceeded our expectations. We now use this back at home when we take the kids out because when it gets too hot on the boat they have it comfortable Shady place to go to.

Joseph, Tidewater 220 LXF 2017

Perfect for my boat and family. Fit great and is very easy to remove and install. Overall we are happy with the product.

Nick, Angler 204 CC 2004

I love it. It works well. 25 degrees out and went rock fishing. Two of the guys that where on the boat said it actually got hot up front and took their cold weather gear off. It’s well made. I love the product it definitely got me some loots at the ramp.
eBay 11/12/2018

Paul, Triumph 210 CC 2002

It worked out great and love it. I will get a lot of use out of this. Couple people at the marina asked me where I got this and I showed them your website. Told them your service and company are outstanding service!

Thanks again!

Aaron, Sailfish 2360 cc

Hey guys! I purchased the canopy over the winter I put it on a month ago. I just wanted to say thanks my wife and I love it. I can’t believe the quality of your product it fits like a glove and gives a ton of space to get out of the elements and I’m a pro at setting it up and taking it down. I love how easy it is to install and remove. When I’m out on the water I get a lot of looks and I’ve referred a lot of People to your website.
Thank you again

Brad, AquaSport 222 Osprey CC 1986

I appreciate all the help along the way, your customer service is second to none and wish you and Al the best. Fantastic, high-quality product as well. We couldn’t be happier and the kiddos love it!

Sean, Triupmh 170 CC

Purchased a canopy via eBay platform. Excellent description! Great product.

Thanks 09/03/2018

Christian, 2000 Hydra-Sport 2590 Vector

Put the canopy up yesterday while hanging at the springs with family. It performed great! Kept all of us dry when a thunderstorm came through. Looks great too.

Edward , 2016 Sea Chaser 24 HFC by Carolina Skiff

Thank you for a good quality product. It seems manufactured to last.

Bob, 1970 classic 22.2 Aquasport

Just wanted to give you an update and some feedback as we discussed by phone before I ordered the Element. The quality of the materials is fantastic, and the design is brilliant. Installation took 30 minutes, and the fit is perfect for the Mako 284. Putting it up and taking it down takes just a few minutes.
My family loves it, and people asked about it at the dock. I referred my friend, Dr. Chris to you for a canopy for his Everglades.
I have attached a couple of photos for you. You came up with a great idea, and I wish you the best of success with it.

Dr. Hermann , Mako 284 CC

I have attached a few Photos of the Medium Element on my 2013 Sailfish 270 cc. It was the Perfect Solution to add the canopy to my boat ! Regards, Rob

Rob, Sailfish 270 cc

Great product and easy install. Took the boat out this weekend, with the Dodger up, to go across the Long Island Sound to Conn. The Dodger worked great keeping the kids dry and warm. Thanks

Jack, Robalo R200 CC

I purchased an instant cabin even though I am not “the lets bring the driller “guy. I hired an installer and in a couple hours I had a fantastic cabin on my center console boat.  Even with the additional cost of installation, I still feel I did a hell of a deal, since I checked by few marine canvas shops and I know for sure that if I would custom-made a  dodger with similar features; it would cost an easy $2,000. Great product guys! Thank you!

Robert, SeaFox 288 CC

I’m excited about using the canopy. Overall I’m fully satisfied with the canopy and it was a great deal. Thanks again.

Tom, 2016 NauticStar 231 CC

” Just wanted to let you know how good it looked , see attached.”

Shawn, Grady-White 28 CC

The Element is a game changer it turns your center console into a safe n secure cabin cruiser and back into a center console in a few min. I really like the way it creates a safe space for my 3 young toddler grandkids to ride and have some shade. My wife appreciates a more comfortable ride on our way back from the Catalina Island on cool summer evenings it keeps her warm n dry. We are also planning on a camping trip to the Dry Tortugas later this summer so it should be great for stopping bugs! This is really a great product that fills several needs and it is very well made using high-quality materials. I would not put anything that is cheap looking or substandard on my new 2017 Boston Whaler 27 ft Dauntless. This boat travels between Fla and California. I have received many compliments on the Element and how nice it looks on my boat!

John Mussen, 2017 Boston Whaler

Purchased The Element for my Hydra Sports Boat and it looks great. Ideal for the kids and the whole family. Easy to install and remove in less than five minutes. Customer service was amazing and very helpful. Recommend product completely.

Miguel , Hydra-Sports 2500 CC 2012

The Element Marine Canopy is an awesome product. It provides a great shady area to escape from the sun on a hot day. It also makes a nice big cabin for your center console so you can sleep on the water and escape from the bugs. Al and Emma provide excellent customer service and will do anything to help you along the way with their tested and true product. It gives it more than 5 stars if I could.

Keith, Sailfish 2360 CC

Just wanted to thank you for installing a great product in our boat. The quality of the fabric is incredible and it is the perfect solution for a center console boat like ours. This product would have cost us more than double if we were to have it done custom made and would not be as practical to install it or remove it. Thank you again.

Francisco , Mako 284 CC

As a family with 2 kids under age 6, having a safe place for them to relax and be shielded from bugs and the sun was a top priority. This product has changed our lives!

Michelle and Jack

I finally convinced my wife to come out for the day once she saw she could hide from the sun. I pack her a cooler and she brings her book and hangs out in there.


I was surprised by the quality of the product – pricing compared to a bow dodger or Bimini top was incredible and I thought maybe too good to be true – but the cabin is extremely well made and I foresee being able to use it for years on my 2012 Boston Whaler Montauk. My skepticism over the fit was also unfounded – it’s perfect.


I am happy my wife talked me into it, I have a 2016 Contender 28 Sport, and we took the kids out in it last weekend. Got caught in a sudden shower and the rain poured down. The Element saved the day, and the kids had a blast.


The ELEMENT has a very clever design! The small version fit my 2004 EdgeWater 22′ with no problem and now I can take my 8 year old son out on the water every weekend he’s with me.


When the weather turns and in rainy conditions, we can quickly and easily deploy this canopy to provide our customers with some protection from the elements. Soon as it clears up it’s a simple zipper to take the whole thing down and open the tournament fishing boat back up.

Captain William W. Dusky 278