The ELEMENT Marine canopy provides a wide range of benefits for those seeking to take their open bow center console boat out for the weekend with family. While many boat covers (such as Bimini tops and custom-fit bow dodgers) fail to provide adequate protection for adults and especially young children.

With the ELEMENT easily installed on your center console boat, its transforms into a luxury family cruiser, appropriate for an overnight excursion or full holiday trips. The ELEMENT Marine Canopy provides:

1. Protection from the sun, no matter what time of day. The curved top deflects the sun at all times, from early morning light until sunset. Other boat covers and Bimini tops or boat umbrellas only provide protection from direct overhead sun, and won’t keep you or your children from sunburn at dawn and dusk.

2. Protection from mosquitoes, biting flies, and gnats. The zippered screen can be utilized to seal off the cabin while allowing ventilation. Bow dodgers don’t have any way to close off an area from biting and stinging insects, and children can quickly become miserable in the evening when bugs are at their worst.

3. Protection from water and waves. The strong, durable, marine woven acrylic fabric is designed to divert splash and spray away. This means books, electronics, luggage, and overnight comfort items like pillows and blankets can be brought aboard and kept secure and dry.

4. Protection from wind and rain. The weather-tight cabin keeps occupants cozy and dry even during surprise summer showers. A sudden cloudburst at dusk shouldn’t have to mean the trip is over. Simply shelter in place on your boat until the sun comes out again.

The Element Bow Dodger Solution on Boston Whaler 270

5. Security during naptime and at night. Small children won’t be able to accidentally wander overboard thanks to the zippered enclosure. It’s no replacement for parents’ eagle eyes but can help your boat be safer.


6. Pet-friendly. Small pets can even be taken out on the water without fear for their safety when the ELEMENT Bow Dodger solution is used. In conjunction with proper harnesses and life vests, this option makes bringing your animals on board more secure.


7. Privacy. A change of clothes into comfortable nighttime wear can be quickly accomplished in the private area afforded by the instant prefab cabin. The ELEMENT gives you the cover you need to feel secure and unexposed, day or night.


8. Ease of Use. The cabin assembles, installs, comes off again, and collapses in seconds. Comes with a case for easy storage on board, so it can be taken down and tucked away when cruising, then put up for the night once the boat is anchored or moored. An old fashioned bow dodger won’t offer any of that.


9. A 2 Year Warranty. The ELEMENT is guaranteed to last for five years without failure of parts or materials, giving you multiple summers of fun.
If you are looking for a high quality, affordable option to have your sports fishing boat transferred to a family cruiser or interested in camping on your center console boat (alternative to bow dodgers or Bimini tops), the Element is a perfect choice. It fits nearly any center console boat, and gives you everything you need for a summer of fun-filled overnight trips on the water!