How to measure your vessel bow to determine which size of marine canopy you will need. Measurement for The Element bow canopy is an easy Three Step process.

The Element comes in three sizes; which you can customize to your vessel, small, medium or large.

Each canopy comes with a set of three bow shaped fully adjustable aluminum frames; A, B and C, which will accommodate a variety of beams. However, we referring only to frame A which is the narrowest and frame C which is the widest. Frame B is not relevant at this point, if frame A and C will suit your vessel, B will definitely fit.

To be able to determine which size of canopy you will need; small, medium or large follow these simple steps on “How To Measure”;

In general, if the length of your boat is between 18’ to 24’ you will most likely need the small size canopy. If your vessel is between 25’ to 34’ in length; you should look into a medium marine canopy bow dodger solution, and if your boat is 35’ to 40’ in length; you may need the large size canopy.

This reference isn’t guaranteed, is just a general idea, bow measurements for your boat are still necessary.

Step 1:

First, you should determine the location of the track which is marked in green.

Step 2:

Measurement for the location of frames;

Once you will find the location of the most forward point of the track (see red line on video) you can measure from the track for the location of frame A and frame C.

First set back from the most forward point of the track 21 “ ( as shown on video red line ) in diagram 2. That is the location of frame A., then set back from the most forward of the track once again and measure 80” that will be the location of frame C.

That will complete step 2.

Step 3:

After finding the location of frames A and C, you should measure for the beam on those specific points, with those measurements you should be able to choose the size of the marine canopy that will fit your vessel.

All that’s left to do is compare your measurement to the options of canopy dimensions on our website.

Enjoy you center console shade!