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THE ELEMENT® comes in 5 sizes; Small, Medium, Large,  Extra Large and Canvas Cuddy which you can customize to your vessel.

There is nothing like our item on the market. What makes our product special and unique are our proprietary design and the product’s ability to form its shape for each and every boat.
The boat owner will decide the desired shape of the canopy that suite his boat’s bow. Our instant cabin, THE ELEMENT comes with pre-cut, high finished pvc track; you will shape the track according to your boat’s bow shape and dimensions. As long the track will be installed correctly, – which is a very simple and easy installation – it is 100% guarantee that the canopy will be a perfect fit.

To be able to determine which size canopy you will need, you may follow these simple steps.

Measurement instructions for The Element Bow Dodger

Bow Dodger measurement instructions

Please visit our video page for tutorial VIDEOS