Take the canopy and lay it above your vessels bow, insert the legs into the bow shape frames.

Locate the bottom portion of your canopy with the zipper section, take the bottom section and slide it into the track with Velcro straps inward.

Get under the canopy and start to close the zippers connecting the bottom section to the canopy. First close about 24” on both sides and adjust the frames to the desired location, then continue to close the zippers evenly on both sides about 24” at the time, while adjusting the rest of the frames. You may need to adjust the canopy top and have it pulled a bit left or right as you progress with the zipper and the support bow shape frames.

After completing the process of zipping the canopy to the bottom section you will adjust the frames and close the Velcro straps around those frames.

The Element center console shade has five tensional points for support; these allow for stretching the fabric structure to achieve a nice shape. You will find three tensional Stainless Steel rings at the top above the entrance, and two more on each side at the bottom section that slides into the mounting track. One end of the tensional strap will be connected into those tensional rings and the other end of the strap will go into a pad eye which needs to be installed on each side of the top surface of the gunnels. The distance between the pad eyes and the track should be 40” to 48” depending on the size of your vessel. Pull on the support straps until The Element Bow Dodger solution will get its desired shape.

Mark the location of the pad eyes where the strap will be connected, and install the pad eyes; Port and Starboard side.  You may use the additional strap that comes with The Element marine canopy with the bottom rings at the bottom section of the canopy to add more adjustment at the front cure of the canopy if is not to your satisfaction. The top-center tensional ring is optional for additional adjustments, if necessary.

Two Murphy clips will be installed on each side for the fabric wings, you will mark the location of the clips just after you complete and perfectly stretched the bow canopy, as well stretching the fabric wings which will allow you to gain additional support for the marine canopy Bow Dodger solution.

Locate the privacy curtain and the mosquito screens, install it with the zipper.

After doing so, all its remains to install are the side snaps of the privacy curtain.

Now your ELEMENT is ready to use!

Enjoy, and have a Safe Boating!