Our high-quality marine canopy THE ELEMENT® might be just the right solution for you and your family to enjoy on your open bow vessel. With THE ELEMENT®, you can extend your day trips into vacations, enabling you to take as many vacations as you want.

THE ELEMENT is a Prefab instant cabin, high-quality marine bow canopy that is one of a kind, lightweight, easy to install, specifically designed for open bow vessels from 17′ to 40′ in length.

THE ELEMENT Bow Canopy offers shade, shelter, and privacy! Rain, wind, sun rays, bugs or curious eyes – no problem   

THE ELEMENT® installs in less than 5 minutes turning a sports fish into a family cruiser with a cabin and easily comes off in under a minute. THE ELEMENT® comes with a special case allowing for easy storage on board. The installation of The Element® is done from the inside without exiting the vessel.

You won’t need any special training to install this product as it’s very simple and mostly done with zippers and heavy duty Velcro. We’ve replaced the old fashioned installation method of using hardware like brackets, bolts and shaft hinges. Without those items; the fitting is simplified and installation became quick and easy.

THE ELEMENT is attached to the vessel’s topside gunnels by a track that received the bottom section of our bow canopy; it is unique only to this item. No brackets, screws or latches to deal with. The frames are free to stand. The zippers attached to the tracks are watertight, protecting passengers from getting wet by rain or spray on choppy waters. Once The Element® is stored away the deck is free of obstacles.  This instant cabin fitted with side pockets to hold your small gadgets like phones, flashlights or glasses.

THE ELEMENT’S™ design is not only lightweight while being exceptionally strong, but it allows you to customize the canopy to a wide range of vessel bow dimensions. We designed our product to easily adapt to one size vessel to another.   The long lasting marine grade fabric canopy fitted with numerous Velcro straps hugs the bow shaped frames for extra support. All zippers are well fastened with extra support seams.

THE ELEMENT is an instant cabin that provides plenty of sun, rain and wind protection while still allowing good visibility and headroom. Forward window supply excellent air flow while mooring.  THE ELEMENT™ will lock out mosquitoes and other flying insects while boaters are camping on the water. No smell of mildew, and no extras to worry about like in a traditional cuddy. The forward window offers three layers of protection; clear vinyl, mosquito screen and privacy curtain. The entrance of the canopy is supplied with a floor to ceiling privacy curtain as well as mosquito screen, which are removable with a set of zippers.

Our instant cabin will fit everyone; fisherman, families with children or couples on a romantic getaway.

THE ELEMENT™ can extend day trips into vacations transforming your open bow vessel and taking it to the next level!