Frequently Ask Questions

Can I run with the Bow WOW Trackless ?2019-04-04T16:44:52+00:00

Bow WOW Trackless models are function as a tent, will withstand light wind, yet not designed to be deployed while vessel is underway.

Work perfect for anchorage and sandbar hangouts, afternoon siesta, overnight camping, etc. It will provide a fantastic shelter from sun, rain and wind.

How the instant cabin will fit my boat?2018-12-24T16:24:43+00:00

The Element is a universal fit instant cabin; it is available in five sizes. There is nothing like our item on the market. What make our product special and unique are our proprietary design and the product ability to form its shape for each and every boat.
The boat owner will decide the desired shape of the canopy that suite his boat’s bow. Our instant cabin, THE ELEMENT comes with pre-cut, high finished pvc track; you will shape the track according to your boat’s bow shape and dimension. As long the track will be installed correctly, – which is a very simple and easy installation – it is 100% guarantee that the canopy will be a perfect fit.

Do you offer Warranty?2019-11-19T15:15:21+00:00


Each cabin going through an inspection before packaging, cabins were installed on inspection bench, tested for fabric defect, and potential sawing error, as well as stress testing. We are confident that you will receive a high-quality product.

2-year warranty; Cabin’s canvas, aluminum frames, mounting track and zipper
1-year warranty; Storage sleeve, straps, and curtain & screen

Please read Care Instructions in the next tab.

NOTE: Company/manufacturer reserves the right to deny warranty in case of foul play or misuse of the product.

What if The ELEMENT does not fit my vessel?2017-04-02T09:01:04+00:00

The ELEMENT is designed to fit almost any size of vessel, and we do provide sizing guides for you to use pre-order. However, if the canopy fails to fit, our company offers 30-day Money Back guarantee (as long the product is returned in unused condition and in its original box.)

Is the bow dodger custom – made ?2017-12-16T15:10:12+00:00

No. The Element is an innovated bow dodger / instant cabin. It is a manufactured item and does NOT build to individual specifications.

The Element has two registered U.S. Patents and six individual claims regarding its functionality and design. Our unique and proprietary design features a free standing support frame. The Element’s frame is designed to flex and accommodate a wide range of boats and bow shapes.

What size of The ELEMENT should I purchase – I have a 26’ Mako 261 center console?2017-04-02T08:57:27+00:00

We recommend the medium size canopy.

How long does it take to install The ELEMENT?2017-04-02T08:55:53+00:00

The installation of The ELEMENT will only take few minutes, and you can start enjoying your prefab instant cabin immediately!

How much room will there be inside The ELEMENT once installed?2017-04-02T08:55:11+00:00

In general, The ELEMENT can accommodate 2 adults and 2 small children; however, it depends on your vessel’s bow area setup.  As a day shelter, there is about 4’ to 5’ of space between seats and The ELEMENT, so even a tall person can comfortably be seated below the canopy.

Are the entrance privacy curtain and the insect screen removable?2017-04-02T08:52:30+00:00

Yes, both are easily removable with a set of zippers.

How many pieces of the canopy will I have to assemble before installation?2017-04-02T08:51:38+00:00

The ELEMENT comes fully assembled. Aluminum frame parts are connected with Stainless Steel wires, so you will don’t have to sort parts or worry about losing parts while installing or removing The ELEMENT. Just install the track and attach the cabin.

What measurements do I need to have to ensure The ELEMENT is sized correctly?2017-04-02T08:49:23+00:00

You will only have to measure the width of your vessel’s bow. There is an easy 3 Step Guide to follow on our Measurements page, which includes simple diagrams so you can pull the measurement and place your order in minutes.

Does my center console boat already have the track on which The ELEMENT canopy is installed?2017-04-02T08:48:42+00:00

No. The ELEMENT includes all hardware for installation as well the track it is to be installed on. You’ll receive detailed instructions and can access videos on our website to show you how to install the track in minutes and start enjoying your instant cabin.

Can water enter between the canopy and the gunnel? I would like to have it for our boating trips to keep supplies dry.2017-04-02T08:45:55+00:00

The ELEMENT is weather-tight if it is installed correctly! Water shouldn’t be able to enter between canopy and gunnel.

Will The ELEMENT fit any boat?2017-04-02T08:45:00+00:00

The ELEMENT is designed to fit various sizes and bow shapes on boats between 18’ – 40’ in length. Our product is recommended to be installed on center consoles; however, our customers have installed The ELEMENT on bowriders as well.

Can I use The ELEMENT on more than one craft?2017-04-02T08:44:05+00:00

Yes, you can! Each prefab cabin is designed to accommodate various sizes and wide range of bow shapes. Choose the size that best fits the larger of your boats.

Do I have to install brackets or mounts for the frames?2017-04-02T08:43:13+00:00

No. The canopy is constructed with a set of 3 bow shape anodized aluminum frames. The frames are free-standing and do not attached to any brackets or hardware.

Is THE ELEMENT installation on my boat permanent?2017-04-02T08:42:26+00:00

No, you can install and remove The ELEMENT as conditions changes. The only thing that will stay in place is a neat white ½’ PVC track. You can order additional track pieces for your other boats and switch The ELEMENT from craft to craft in minutes.

What is The ELEMENT made of?