” Purchased The Element Bow Canopy for my Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless and I am incredibly happy with the purchase. First, its water proof, yes water proof. Even in rough water whatever you have stowed under the Canopy stays dry. There is an ingenious flap that runs the entire outside along the channel where the Canopy attaches that runs all the water completely away from the edge. The material seems to be acrylic and canvas. The material is thick but not heavy. During installation I was pessimistic that it would fit my boat. However, once you begin completing the installation steps you begin to think this canopy was made just for your bow.

The 3 aluminum braces are flexible and are meant to conform to the specific points just inside the track. They aren’t stressed too much nor too little. The straps you receive which travel along the side and one down the middle do not hinder access nor cause difference in entering the boat from the port or starboard. Either the people that made this got really lucky with design and manufacturing or they put years in R & D. For the price I was hoping for something which would make it one, maybe two seasons… however after installation and using it several times my guess is 7-10 years before something tears or breaks.

This item really exceeded my expectations. Oh, and the kids and wife love it when they want to get out of the weather!
PS – Remember to attach the straps first before installation and when you’re removing the Canopy, leave the straps until last to unhook, this trick will save you lots of time. I can install the canopy in about 2 minutes and take it down in 1.5 minutes easy. ”

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