In just 2-3 weeks, spring boating season starts, and that means it’s time to get your boat family ready. Here’s a 12 step spring boat maintenance checklist to get you started.

  • 1. Make sure your registration is up to date. Some states require yearly renewal, while others permit biannual registration or even longer term renewal periods. Make sure you’re legal before you take your boat out for the season.


  • 2. Check your safety equipment. Safety vests, flotation devices, and all other inflatables should be checked to make sure they have no rips or tears. Fire extinguishers should also be checked to make sure they haven’t expired.


  • 3. Get a tune-up. Your boat is just like any other mechanical system – you should have it checked over regularly, like your car or your home’s HVAC every spring. Electrical, hoses, belts, and batteries should get a thorough overhaul before every boating season.


  • 4. Remember last year. Did sun, wind, spray, and bugs make using your boat less fun, or prevent you from staying out overnight or for the weekend? Lack of a boat cover, Bimini top, or bow dodger can leave you and your kids unprotected. A new product can be just the right solution; The Element® – PREFAB Instant cabin (marine canopy) can turn your open bow sports boat into a family cruiser you can take real vacations on.


  • 5. Replace old ropes and lines. Stored anchor ropes and towlines can become brittle and liable to snap. Replace with new ones before you take your boat out.


  • 6. Kick the tires. Your boat’s transport system should also be in good shape. Check your brake lights while you are at it!


  • 7. Shine up the hull. Your boat should look her best, so get any sanding and repainting out of the way well in advance of putting her in the water. It’s a good time to clean up if you didn’t do a good scrape and scrub after the last time you had her out.


  • 8. Stock that first aid kit. It’s no fun to have to turn back to port because of a lack of aloe-vera cream, band aids, or a wrist brace. Make sure you have a fully stocked first aid kit and don’t forget basics like sunblock and pain relief in case of a headache.


  • 9. Clean up a little. The inside of your family sports boat could be a little dusty and dingy after a long winter. Some elbow grease goes a long way and can make your boat gleam!


  • 10. Look for rust. Seacocks and strainers are prone to corrosion, as are battery terminals. A god scrub with a wire bristle brush and a light oil application can help ensure nothing sticks and everything works during boating season.


  • 11. Test your alarms. Any warning devices such as smoke or carbon monoxide alarms or LPG and gasoline fume detectors should be inspected, tested, and batteries replaced if indicated.


  • 12. Mark your calendar. Set a date for your first spring outing, and get the family ready. 2018 could be the best year for boating yet!
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